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The Enchanted follows Emma, Jess, and Josh. They are your typical teenagers, who also have to deal with typical teenage problems, but their biggest problem comes when one of them discovers a magical necklace that can give them super powers. Medieval times and the Modern day collide when a Witch who is in search of the necklace learns that itís in a teenagers possession, and she will stop at nothing to get it.


The leader, but at the same time someone who is struggling with her own inner demons.

Often times he's the one to bring the fun. He recently come out as being gay, but his parents are not accepting of his sexuality.

A misunderstood 15 year old, who is at the center a lonely girl just trying to get by in the world.

A mighty witch from the medieval times who is in search of the necklace.

A wizard from the medieval times who was defeated by Athia, but not before making sure she never found the necklace.


Those of you who are familiar with my hit Web Series My Ghost Sister and Me will know that Rosie (the lead charter in the series) gets given a necklace off her sister, Amy. This necklace holds some power that comes from spiritual energy (Amy) and this is where the idea for The Enchanted came from. It all started with a magical necklace.
I wanted there to be a group of friends, some who are close, and some who are not-so close, with their own quirks and personalities, that happen to find said necklace and get super powers.
I wanted the characters to be people the viewers can relate to in some way or another, and this is why each of them have their own problems that they deal with during the story of The Enchanted.
Being a web series that is aimed at teenagers I naturally wanted to get Heather involved with the writing because I knew that being a teenager herself she could add something to the story that will appeal to her generation.

The idea for the characters personalities and their problems come from what I know.
There's a saying: write what you know - and I'm a firm believer of this.

With there being a supernatural element to the story I had to bring in some special characters.
I've always loved anything to do with Witches and Wizards, so I had to add these characters to my story.
Here lies the twist.
I didn't want your typical Witch or Wizard, I wanted your classic Witch and Wizard.
Meet Athia - A mighty witch and Zandak - a powerful wizard, both from the medieval times.
How does that work? Wait and see.


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